How to Schedule a Trial

It's easy! Simply fill out our contact form. Please fill in your full name, phone number, what class times would work best for you, and, if you wish to register your child, you should also include their date of birth.  As we only allow a maximum of two trial students per class, please send us a few class slots to choose from that suit your schedule. This way we can ensure a top quality experience for everyone.

Trial Overview:

Arrival Time:
Please arrive at least ten minutes before class.

What to Bring:
It is recommended that you bring a water bottle and towel.

What to Wear: Comfortable workout clothing, socks, and a pair of clean indoor-only shoes. Kung Fu and Tai Chi are traditionally practiced with shoes as training usually took place outdoors. If you do not have clean training shoes available, you may attend your free trial class barefoot.

What to Expect:
The instructor of the class will meet you before class begins. All classes start with a quick set of limbering, stretching, and strengthening movements. Students will then be divided into groups to work on techniques, drills, and forms appropriate to their level. Wu Dao students come from a variety background and have varying degrees of physical capability. Regardless of your experience, we always strive for our students to feel challenged in new ways, but not overwhelmed with new information.

Wu Guan or "Training Hall" Etiquette:
Please be on time. In Kung Fu classes, students line up according to rank as identified by the color of the logo on their sash. Should you arrive late or need to step out during class, please obtain permission from the instructor first. As a sign of respect to the instructors, other students, and the teachings of Chinese martial arts, all students should bow upon entering and exiting the training hall. The simplest form is bowing at the waist with hands on either side of the body.

Wu Dao Wu-Guan Rules

  1. Leave your ego at the door.
  2. Respect instructors and fellow students.
  3. Properly address instructors.
  4. Wear well-maintained and clean Wu Dao uniform.
  5. Bow before entering Training Hall and obtain permission from an instructor if joining or leaving a class that is in session.
  6. Control techniques and emotions at all times.
  7. Treat weapons with respect and care; do not touch weapons without permission.
  8. Never teach Wu Dao material without permission.
  9. Never use martial arts skills in an abusive or offensive way.