Class Schedule

Notice that 11am-12pm ***Tuesday & Thursday Kung Fu*** are currently not being offered. If you have keen interest in this time slot, please e-mail for further info.


Membership Pricing

Adult Memberships:
Unlimited Adult Kung Fu & Tai Chi: $140 per month *
Once a Week Membership: $100 per month; 4/6 classes a month/one class a week (great way to start out)
* Adult Memberships start with a 6-month commitment, after which it continues automatically month to month.
Youth Memberships:
Junior and Teen Kung Fu: $130 per month *
Children Kung Fu: $100 per month *
* Children and Junior Memberships start with a 2-month commitment, after which it continues automatically month to month.

Other Costs:
Full Uniform: $99 -  Wu Dao uniform top, pants, shoes, and sash
Starter Uniform: $40 - Wu Dao training t-shirt, pants, and sash

Adult Kung Fu

Wu Dao’s Adult Kung Fu program is designed to help students improve their overall health and to learn basic martial concepts and movements of Kung Fu. We focus on helping students to develop their strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination through full bod strength and flexibility training, martial techniques and forms practice. 

Our curriculum is based on Choy Lay Fut Kung Fut. It is a Southern style built on a solid foundation of accessible fighting applications designed to rapidly build confidence and coordination in a self- defense situation. While Choy Lay Fut has it's roots in the South of China, there is a Northern influence to our style, which brings higher kicks and more agile footwork than some other southern styles.

Our Shaolin curriculum is available, by invitation of the Head Instructor, to senior students, as the style is generally more intricate and the applications are less obvious than in Choy Lay Fut. Wu Dao benefits from visits by 31st generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, Shifu Shi De Cheng to pass on authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.

Learning to use Kung Fu for self defense and fighting is an essential part of Kung Fu training, and includes basic techniques such as striking, blocking, falling, throwing and body conditioning. During applications training and sparring, students practice traditional techniques that are unique to their style of Kung Fu. Students work through three different stages to improve their skill and comfort in fighting situations. Initially working with partners to drill on small combinations develops good habits and important foundational skills. Once students have a basic proficiency, they learn to link these combinations into strings of movement, building off of what they learned in previous sparring sessions. After that, free sparring is introduced and students are able to practice their techniques in a non-choreographed, controlled manner.

Adult Tai Chi

Wu Dao teaches Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan). At the beginning, students practice foundational Tai Chi movements and patterns, working with particular aspects of longer sequences in repetitive drills to help solidify basic choreography before moving onto more complete Tai Chi forms. Students improve strength, flexibility and coordination through practicing drills and forms, as well as participating in stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises. 

The Tai Chi curriculum at Wu Dao starts with the Yang 24 form. Once students gain proficiency with the short form, they move into the Yang Long Form (108). More advanced students progress to the Classical 54 Sword (Jian) form. Senior students at Wu Dao have the opportunity to study the fundamental principles of Hsing Yi and Ba Gua and move on to learning Liu He Ba Fa.

As part of the physical fitness aspect and chi building of Chinese Martial arts, our Tai Chi students learn several Qi Gong series. Beginner students focus on Ba Duan Jin (Eight Sections of Brocade) and eventually move on to Yi Jin Jing (Muscle and Tendon Transformation Qi Gong). At the higher levels students have the opportunity to learn 5 Animals Qi Gong and Incense Qi Gong. Each of these Qi Gong series focuses on specific fitness and types of energy building in the body.

Push Hands
Push Hands is a multi-person training practice that is based on the Internal Chinese martial arts. In Tai Chi, forms practice is usually done alone, with an internal focus on one's own structure and energy flow. In Push Hands, students practice applications and techniques with partners to help deepen the understanding of structure, sensitivity, and movement while trying to push their opponent off their root without losing balance themselves. This training improves the Tai Chi practitioner's awareness of not only their own strengths and weaknesses, but of their opponents as well. Ultimately, it helps to develop the martial artist's proficiency in Tai Chi as well as their overall capabilities, creating a heightened sensitivity to structure, balance, and direction of force and intent.

Youth Kung Fu

Wu Dao’s Youth Kung Fu classes consist of basic exercises,  footwork and striking drills, and traditional forms work. Material is taught through demonstrations and individual training to help enrich the learning experience, ingrain technical material, and instill values of respect and discipline. As your daughter or son improves in her or his martial arts skills, the foundation for respect, focus, and discipline is laid in such a way as to educate students to use their Kung Fu for their self-improvement through all age levels

Teens: Ages 13-16
Wu Dao’s Teen Kung Fu program focuses on developing students’ physical abilities as well as concentration and discipline. Students work on individual techniques and Kung Fu empty hand and weapons forms with the goal of increasing precision and effectiveness of every technique. Through training, students develop self-control and good work ethic that is beneficial to everyday life. Self-defense technique practice helps them to gain a sense of self-confidence as they progress toward adulthood. 

Juniors: Ages 9-12
In the Wu Dao Juniors Kung Fu program, students work toward achieving physical and mental goals, aimed at developing their coordination, motor skills, and martial techniques. Additionally, non-violent conflict resolution through communication is emphasized. Once students gain sufficient control and self-discipline, they may advance to sparring and applied martial arts training. Sparring sessions consist of sparring drills and partner sparring. Advanced students may participate in padded weapons sparring.

Children: Ages 6-8
In the Wu Dao Children’s classes, students focus on developing their coordination, motor skills, and basic martial arts movements. Students at this level work their way through five beginning level animal styles to build strong foundations. Students at this level also work with focus mitts and bags to improve important hand eye coordination as well as gaining familiarity and precision with striking targets. After gaining sufficient skills, confidence, and maturity, students are able to progress to more challenging self-defense and sparring techniques.