Wu Dao Fall Competition

Wu Dao Open Competition - November 22, 2014
On November 22nd, Wu Dao will be holding our annual Open Competition. There will be divisions for adult, children, junior and teen age groups and levels of proficiency.
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Keep up to date with Wu Dao news and activities through Facebook. In an effort to help students and families stay connected to the Wu Dao community, we will be making regular updates to facebook in addition to our website and newsletters. Use your preferred method to get updates on Wu Guan events, tournament results, and more.

New Shaolin

Introducing Legends of New Shaolin!

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We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of New Shaolin's website! Click the link below to follow us on our journey to promote Kung Fu through Martial Arts Fantasy. New Shaolin is also on facebook, so be sure to like us and follow our progress towards our book release!
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