Wu Dao directly translates to "Martial Way." It is composed of the Chinese characters Wu , or "martial," and Dao , or the "way" or "path." Wu Dao is therefore the martial artist’s path, which is characterized by physical and mental discipline.

Martial training began, as it did in many other cultures, as a means to standardize training for military troops. Military strategists such as Sun Tzu (Warring States, 500 BC), author of The Art of War, and many legendary warriors of the Three Kingdoms period (200 AD) such as General Kuan Yu laid the foundation for Chinese martial arts training. It has since been shaped by various cultural and philosophical traditions.

Taking lessons from these traditions, Wu Dao seeks to redefine the teaching and practice of Kung Fu by focusing on stripping away extraneous movements, concepts, and thoughts while refining and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of techniques. Through striving for perfection in structure and movements, we improve our ability to execute martial techniques by increasing speed, power, and accuracy..