Wu Dao directly translates to "Martial Way." It is composed of the Chinese characters Wu , or "martial," and Dao, or the "way" or "path." Wu Dao is therefore the martial artist’s path, which is characterized by the strong physical and mental discipline required to practice Kung Fu or Tai Chi. There is a strong correlation at Wu Dao to the Japanese term "Budō" which, same as in Chinese, means the "martial way",  or the "way of war."  The founder of Wu Dao has a solid background in Japanese training and aesthetics, and the simple, austere lines, techniques, and footwork are absolutely present in Wu Dao's teachings.

Taking lessons from these simple and unadorned traditions, Wu Dao seeks to redefine the teaching and practice of Kung Fu by focusing on stripping away extraneous movements, concepts, and thoughts while refining and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of techniques. Through striving for perfection in structure and execution, we improve our ability to perform martial techniques by increasing speed, power, and accuracy, and do away with any extra flourishes, or purely ornamental movements.